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306 West John
310 West John
311 South Randolph
316 West John
411 West Green
505 South Elm
506 West Spring
605 South Prairie
606 West Spring
607 West Green
608 South Elm
610 South Prairie
622 West Healey
809 West Charles
814 West Clark
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TMJS Properties is a real estate management company located in Champaign,
Illinois. Our primary goal is to provide quality rental housing as an
alternative to apartments. Our homes are located in residential areas that
are nestled in the heart of Champaign-Urbana. We have a home waiting for

Our website,, has information and photographs for each of our
properties. Please take a moment to browse through our properties and when
you decide you would like to schedule a visit, please contact Ted at (217)
766-5108. Our homes do lease fast so don't delay in contacting us.

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TMJS Properties, 2806 Cherry Hills Drive, Champaign, IL 61822
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For immediate inquiries, please contact us at 217-766-5108.